United States Military spent $34 million on an unused building- investigation underway

It has come to light that the US military spent $34 million on a building in Afghanistan that was never used and was ordered not to be built. The building, which is up for demolition, was “commissioned by the Army in February 2010 to be the Command and Control Facility for Regional Command Southwest during the surge. But, in May 2010, even before construction began, the Marine commander in the area submitted a request to U.S. Forces Afghanistan to cancel the project.” The 64,000 square foot building was obviously built anyway, for some overpriced reason as the Air Force ordered it done and now it will be torn down, as there is doubt the Afghans would have enough money to maintain or the technical capacity to operate the building if it were gifted to them. The investigation is also charged to find out if a “replacement building” was ordered built after the first was originally cancelled. 

This is a stunning revelation as the US feels the crunch of a costly war. To waste $34 million on a building that was never occupied is a monumental waste of tax dollars that could have fed the poor, funded scientific research, remolded a Senator’s bathroom, or at least covered a lunch trip for the Obamas. For the public to also wonder if another unused building is running around out there unaccounted for is even more inexcusable (not to mention baffling as to how they don’t know). This investigation may be the breaking point for the enormous unfettered spending by the military. Maybe it is time to slash military budgets to bare bones amongst the brass. This reporter is livid that three branches of military overrode each other to the point that this could have occurred. Even more maddening is the Navy didn’t even re-re-cancel the building in time. Such red tape!

It is time for people to rise up and demand better leadership and handling of our tax dollars. The entire government is out of control. When reached by trained messenger rat an official, who asked to remain anonymous since they just got hired yesterday said, “I’ve been watching this my whole career, for every dime that is spent on something worthwhile thousands are wasted to utmost extent. It is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen.” Thanks Jim, and good luck on the new job.

Well faithful reader(s), let’s hope the investigation brings something good out of this and we, as a nation, can move forward with trust in our leaders. The investigation is expected to last for twelve years and cost $300 billion. Money well spent I say and it’s about time.

Tell me how you really feel (because I care about you and want you to be happy)

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