The Not Really News Blog: Interview Series- Steve Kallio

TNRNB is proud to announce a series of personal and enlightening interviews featuring many of the characters (living or janitorial) found in the articles of this site. Naturally the first person your faithful newshound chose to interview was- himself. It was a riveting interview. I left no stone unturned. I now feel like I know me a little better. I should have done this years ago, maybe I would have a job, but then, that might have interfered with the media empire I have created here. So without further delay here is me, interviewing, me…

TNRNB: What inspired you to create this blog? Was it a long process or did it just appear to you in a vision?

Steve: it was a combination of many things, I wanted an outlet for my opinion, my wife wanted me to get a real job. By forming this blog I convinced her that I’m working toward a real job. I get to sneak my opinion in here and there, and who knows, maybe someday it will all work out.

T: But why satirical news? Why not real news journalism, or at least a novel or short stories?

S: Well, I once heard that if you were looking to market something try marketing something you have a surplus of, something someone else may see as valuable. I thought long and hard for a couple of minutes and realized that I am a smart ass. Not just a garden-variety smart ass but a full-fledged mean spirited, nasty, sarcastic, full time smart ass. I have an overabundance of witty things to say. Why not try to share those with others?

T: Well that certainly seems like a noble effort, bringing sarcasm to those in need and all, but how does your mirth further humanity?

S: If I die and humanity survives it, then it’s furthered. “that which does not kill us, makes us stronger” or at least smarter. Losing my IQ really raises the overall average.

T: To date, other than this blog, what is your greatest professional accomplishment?

S: Partnering to launch a clothing line inspired my blog. When Casey said his t-shirt line could do shirts for TNRNB I was thrilled. my graphics artist Bob Crisman, Jr. at Maverick Graphic Design (Facebook), spawned the idea during a conversation, it’s been very well received and very exciting to be a part of.

T: Where can we find these T-shirts Steve?

S: Right here on the blog: shop for killer stuff here. Just click on the link on that page, I gave a little background there as well. It’s all for a good cause.

T: Well that’s all the time we have for now Steve. Thanks for the interview. Please stay in touch.

S: Somehow, I think I’ll be around quite a bit…

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