“Alphabet Murders” serial killing case gets gritty- diaries found.

Be thankful that we live in the land of innocent until proven guilty, fearless readers, because as of now, one Mr. Joseph Naso is screwed. The Alphabet murders date back to the 1970s and 1990s specifically as California prostitutes with first and last names beginning with the same letter were found raped and strangled. It seems Mr. Naso has kept a string of diaries that date back to the 1950s. This is shocking in several ways, first off that he wasn’t locked in an attic for those 60 years of diary keeping and secondly, who knew they had already invented writing by then? Amazing things you learn in the news. But one thing we all know, one simply does not rape and murder someone and then document it in such a way that it could incriminate you later:

“Kansas City girl. Great legs in nylons, heels. Had to rape her in my car on a cold winter night, snowstorm,”

Well fearless readers, Mr. Naso clearly wasn’t the brightest back then but we’re sure his top-notch attorney will be able to exploit a loophole or at least explain how an entry like that could have appeared in his diary:

“Naso, who is acting as his own attorney, could face the death penalty if convicted”

This is getting tough. I’m sure that if Mr. Naso was guilty he would hire a professional lawyer to get him off, so he must be innocent. Cases like these aren’t always what they seem, your reporter has uncovered evidence that Mr. Naso stated in the past that he was a professional photographer. Clearly that explains all the pictures of women that have been found in his possession. It’s all circumstantial evidence based on some contact he could have possibly had through his work:

“Rochester, late 1950s,” the entry said. “Picked up a cute Ukrainian girl … Great legs. Used to take photos of her … In those days I would pose as a professional photographer. What a scam.”

Okay, let’s just shoot him now. Some people are just too stupid to be allowed to live. Serial killers should be much more discreet, haven’t they seen ‘Dexter”? There’s nothing worse than documenting your own killings. Unless it’s saving mementos or trophies from his grisly practices:

“Investigators discovered obituaries for Parsons and Tafoya, along with sexually suggestive photographs of them, in Naso’s safety-deposit box.”

Fine, if you’re going to keep trophies then I guess you keep them in a box with a key only you have, that is registered in your name, in a bank that requires you prove yourself before granting you said box, and then only storing your most prized possessions in them. That’s all for now fearless reader(s), I guess I need to stick to covering normal people with normal thoughts, like politicians and celebrities.

1 thought on ““Alphabet Murders” serial killing case gets gritty- diaries found.

  1. those who are regular readers will notice this deviates from my usual style. Playing with quotes seemed like a good idea at the time but now I’m not so sure. Feedback is appreciated.

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