Legal disclosure that I should have made long ago

Dear Readers,

It has occurred to me that, despite my best intentions to bring the most complete, reliable, transparent news blog on this planet (I’ll conquer the rest later), I’ve failed to be as transparent and upfront as I should be. That’s right, I haven’t published a disclosure of pertinent information that explains any conflicts of interest or outside influences that hold sway on what I publish for you guys to ignore. I’m rectifying that right now, I no longer wish to feel like such an Obama. You will now have all the facts, here goes: 

This blog and all affiliated swag is the intellectual property of Steve Kallio(as such intellect as he could reasonably claim to have- any measureable amount is in dispute). This blog is published for the amusement of Mr. Kallio solely as no one else reads the damn thing anyway. He doesn’t get paid a dime (and most likely never will) for the content of this website. Should he ever actually make any money off of this (his wife will faint dead away)he will update or release a disclosure reflecting said change as soon it is reasonably certain that the worst hangover in history is finally gone.

Any statement made by parties not named Steve Kallio found within the sacred confines of this blog and it’s pages are the opinions of the statement maker and Steve doesn’t give a shit if you like them or not. In fact, should someone actually make a statement around here, I don’t give a shit if I like it or not, I’ll just be happy that my existence has finally been confirmed. I believe in the 1st Amendment and its ability to keep me out of any real trouble so suck it.

My opinions, statements, advice, or sarcasm may not reflect much of anything since I only say what I’m thinking at the moment and rarely burden myself with making sure I really believe it.

Classified ads are fake folks, sorry, and do not represent a binding agreement to sell, buy or otherwise offer a service.

I’m only writing this in case someone ever reads this blog and thinks that there is a) an entity that could actually control what I say (besides my wife (and possibly her mother)) b) who am I kidding no one reads this.

This disclosure is only a test, in the event this had been a real disclosure it would have made less sense and there would be a thousand terms and conditions to skip over so that the little “I Agree” button could be clicked and shenanigans could ensue.

Stay strong fearless reader(s), TNRNB is just keeping it legal. I’d hate to get sued by a spam bot that slipped in a wet puddle of stray electrons and sprained its hyperlink.

Tell me how you really feel (because I care about you and want you to be happy)

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