Nasdaq suspends trading for technical glitch

In an instance that is sure to cause some heads to be scratched, the index that carries the stocks of tech giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Ebay, Yahoo, and more recently Facebook had to shut down over technology problems. This reporter would like to think it is directly connected to this morning’s announcement that the New York Times had purchased The Not Really News Blog, but the two of you that read it are probably not to blame. While exactly what is going on is uncertain, we here at The Blog are relatively sure that the general public is still being efficiently screwed. This reporter knows of no means, legal or otherwise, that would keep the exchanges from royally sticking it to the common man. So don’t go out and think your 401(k) is going to blossom when then gets fixed. In case of any real increase in a portfolio worth less than $200,000 measures are still in place to declare those increases to become broker fees, don’t quit your job soon.

It is disturbing to think that the world’s technology giants have ground to a halt at the hands of technology they most likely created. In the case of Microsoft, it serves them right, they had it coming for the development of Windows NT- which now seems to stand for No Trade. However the implications of this crash go far beyond a halt in trading. Deals fell through because of this. Most importantly was the deal between TNRNB and NYT. Stock failed to transfer by the deadline so ownership of The Blog is now passed back to Steve Kallio and he will be responsible for returning the coffee and bagel as reasonably soon as they can be recovered. It appears NYT is truly S.O.L. on this one. So rejoice readers, your fearless newshound still has his esteemed position as sole writer, advertiser, investor, chairman, board member, and coffee getter for the best place to get your news anywhere on the internet. He also still doesn’t get paid. At all. Ever. Zilch. We’re not going to let a little thing like providing for a family derail this train of media mavenhood though, world domination always has been and will remain our goal.

Stay strong fearless reader(s), it appears no one is going anywhere. Yet, it’s still early though.

17 thoughts on “Nasdaq suspends trading for technical glitch

  1. Steve, I bought stock in The Blog this morning, during fierce trading on Craig’s List, which was not affected by NASDAQ’s technical issues. Using the “buy low, sell high” principle, I sold my stock to a marijuana grower here in Oregon. I still retain a small share of The Blog, however, depending on the size of the bagel.

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