Breaking news: Humor blogs are actually supposed to be funny- Customer appreciation post

Here at TNRNB, we strive to bring you the most cutting edge and honest reporting to be found anywhere on the Internet. We also try to do it in a way that brings a smile to the face of our reader(s) because, well, it drives up the word count faster so we can get back to the really important things, like Candy Crush (note: this reporter does not play Candy Crush or any other Facebook spawned games- although that Jurassic Park one is weakening my resolve). Over the weekend, our staff took time to look deeply into the direction our posts were taking (okay, I went camping, there was no Internet, nothing got posted) and we realized that we are funny but in an occasionally mean way. Was it right for us to point out that Kim Jong-Un was a pint-sized third world dictator with squirt guns mounted on Volkswagens? Or to release the zombie pigeon epidemic in Moscow without even trying to do something to help? It was mean of us, and in the end, we’re okay with it. Sarcasm is an art form, and we’ll get there. Not everyone is as gifted as Ned over on Ned’s Blog or gifted AND has a great beat to cover like the Grimm Report. But we wouldn’t have it any other way.

There is something rewarding about this blog, such as having to invent nearly EVERY question for the weekly advice column (and artistically borrow the ones that aren’t invented) since no one EVER sends in a question. But we are a community here, and this is your news. As a community we have our characters that chime in regularly to remind me that there is at least three people who read this blog (although not always on the same day, hence ending everything in (s)). We have our artistically inspiring reader from thebreastfedblog (now that I typed breast, every male that sees it will pay a visit), our intellectual astro-humorist from the cosmic sandbar, and our creepy neighbor at Hot Lard. Each of you leave comments that enrich the content of this blog and for that, the staff would like to thank you. You offer words of encouragement when our media-diva reporter is frustrated with the pace of his world domination movement. It is you people who make TNRNB what it is, whatever that is. Which actually means, why am I even here? If you guys are the ones who make it happen then you don’t actually need me, which frees me up for the Jurassic Park game, should I weaken enough to play those free games that really aren’t free because they find ways to charge you for getting around impossible levels and totally absorb your life.

That’s all for now fearless reader(s), we are still funny and you all are still appreciated. Yes, you too Ervin (And thanks for the WTF GIF of the week, I still haven’t recovered).

11 thoughts on “Breaking news: Humor blogs are actually supposed to be funny- Customer appreciation post

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  6. Ha! My audience is similarly .. confined ( yep that’s the word) to the very elite (ok, ok..don’t laugh too hearitly). They’re good people far as i can tell. I’ve yet to give them their due. However, I’m thrilled to be described as the “intellectual astro-humorist fromThe Cosmic Sandbar”. That’s wonderful. Thankyaverymuch!

      • There are no silver bullets..I mean magic shortcuts I’ve just got to put my nose to the grindstone day in and day out…herding, beckoning, enticing, coaxing, begging, beseeching and generally ingratiating myself into the toasty warm recesses of my prospective readers’ reluctant little hearts. Gosh, that was so exhausting to write..I can’t imagine what it would be like to actually attempt.

        But, anyway, thank you very much for helping out as best you could. I was chortling (ok I don’t really chortle, I guffaw but it sounds better.) about the “astro-humorist” label throughout the day. It’s a dern good one.

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