Shame! Beast Caught In Specialty Shampoo Aisle.

Recently, a story broke about a fairy tale episode in a Walgreen’s and this reporter was given the opportunity to guest blog the story over on the Grimm Report. it was a proud day for TNRNB and a new perspective has been reached. Enjoy fearless reader(s), we extended our reach.

The Grimm Report


A Special Report By Grimm Report Chief Hygiene Correspondent, Steve Kallio |@steve_kallio

LAFAYETTE, LA– Trouble has been spotted today in the land of opposites attracting. A store clerk at Walgreens was stocking the shampoos, when a very large and hairy man-creature approached asking for a bottle of extra strength specialty shampoo. Then he whispered into the clerk’s ear. As luck would have it, his wife Belle had walked in for a jar of facial cream just as the clerk was passing the bottle over, according to a witness who spoke on condition of anonymity.

“Beast!!! Whatever could you need such a thing for? We’ve already applied your monthly dose of Advantix II. You should even repel mosquitos by now. Let me see that,“ Belle reportedly cried.

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