ATNRNB Interview Exclusive- Chris the Carrier Pigeon

Sorry for my gap in reporting, faithful reader(s), but these days it’s tough to find anything in the news that isn’t Syria, a mass shooting, or similar topic not fit for a humorous spin. However, three days without a post is record here and the staff was getting restless. As I glanced around the news/living room, I realized that it was time to pay some attention to one of our unsung heroes. An employee who truly flies in the face of danger. A master of working behind enemy lines, getting in, and back out with minimal disturbance- minus that one load of birdshot. Chris the carrier pigeon has relayed some of the most crucial messages from our numerous janitorial informants strategically placed within the confines of everywhere. Without further ado, I give you my conversation with Chris.


TNRNB: Chris, without your work many of these stories would go unreported, or at least without a sourced quote perfectly tailored to the story. What is like to be such a crucial member of this staff?

Chris: Coo

TNRNB: I would think it’s cool too. It is also well known that Steve Kallio is pretty much the only one who actually promotes any of the media around here. If you could have one outlet, one form of social media to get yourself out there, what form would you use?

Chris: Tweet

TNRNB: Twitter does seem very powerful. Good choice. And now, the big question, how would you describe Steve Kallio if you were only allowed one word? I know that’s tough to do because he has such a powerful persona, but please try.

Chris: Cheap

Me: You’re fired.

Stay strong fearless reader(s), while Chris has a date with a rotisserie, you won’t be starved for news.

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