Ask Dr. Steve- since no one else will help you 7/18/15

Dear Dr. Steve,

Lately, no matter what I do, I lose weight. This sounds trivial to most people, I know, but I’m really concerned that I may have a real health issue that’s causing it. My regular doctor says to wait and see if it stops since some weight fluctuation is normal. What should I do?


Clothes don’t fit

Dear Clothes,

Mine don’t fit either, you can have mine. I’ll try to leave a little fat in them to hold you over until your “regular” doctor gets it figured out. Until then, I’ll be in the corner, beating my head against the wall.


Dear Dr. Steve,

I’m so glad you’re back. I’m wondering if you could help me move to the United States. In my country everything is too annoying. I can’t stand anyone around me anymore. I just want to move to a place of hope and promise.



Want to move

Dear Wannabe,

It sounds like you already live here.


Dear Dr. Steve,

What is the best way to change up a relationship? I mean, her and I have always been together but lately I feel like I don’t need to be so serious. How can I tell her I just want to be friends, but with benefits? I need to do it right, I can’t break my Mom’s heart.

Please help,

Trying to do the right thing

Dear Thing,

I’m, uh, glad to hear that you, err, want to do this, ah, right. Always remember, um…. A mother’s love is unconditional


Gotta go fearless reader(s), that last one was brutal. Stay strong!!!

Tell me how you really feel (because I care about you and want you to be happy)

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