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Steve Kallio, aspiring writer and blogger, was raised by a flock of ring-necked pheasants in the wilds of south-west Washington, and uses his life experiences and unique outlook on life to report news that matters with a humorous side. Reminding us that, no matter how bad something is, it can be funny if it’s mostly fictionalized….

After being found (and psychologically scarred for life) in the forest at the age of 23 by nudist birdwatchers, Steve quickly adapted to civilized life (minus the urge to defecate on city park statues and freshly washed cars- some things are just too deeply burned into people).  Steve went on to earn a BS in Experimental Psychology from Washington State University-Vancouver. He is married, with two beautiful daughters, six dogs, one cat, and expects his first grandchild in October. He hopes to raise her much in the fashion of his own upbringing (minus regurgitating food for her. We’ll leave that for some creepy actresses who will go unnamed here).

And thanks to Bob Crisman Jr. at Maverick Design Studio, we have the original nudist bird watcher photograph of my discovery:


Visit Bob’s Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/maverickgraphicdesign?fref=ts for more details and great deals. (Must be already logged into Facebook to view)

10 thoughts on “About this author

  1. I too had a similar upbringing and feel a kinship to you and your writing style. As a former captive of a not-so-merry band of burrow owls; I learned the high value of a good nest and warm regurgitation. As bird brothers we must stick together and help spread the work of the evils of all feathered creatures. Even with their small brains and lack of arms I believe they are plotting to take over the world. A rebellion is building and the time to act is now! When will it happen you ask? Listen for my battle cry and you will have your answer soon enough. Cooku la kuu…. cooku la kuu! Until then, keep your beak to the wind and listen for the call of change.

  2. Greetings from The Cosmic Sandbar, where time has temporarily come to an abrupt halt. Well, that’s my story, anyway, and I’m sticking to it. I hope life is treating you and your ancestoral ring-necked pheasants kindly. Everything’s fine with me..except for the overwhelming viscosity of the time-space continuum..(makes writing nearly impossible, as you can well imagine).

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