A behind the scenes look at the government shutdown

As the inspiration for all of Ignorami-kind flex their collective wings, 800,000 people are out of work. A government shutdown became unavoidable as Senate Democrats and House Republicans once again prove that ideology is far more important than doing their job. Fundamentalist politics are the only thing to rule from Washington, D.C. today though, and we here at The Blog have secured the transcripts of a little known conversation between Senate kingpin Harry Reid (D-Nevada) and House thug John Boehner just minutes before they failed our poor, poor, leaderless country. At first it seemed that these two sides could Continue reading

Breaking News: The real Anthony Weiner scandal erupts: Photoshop

As the New York city Mayoral candidate formerly known as Carlos Danger struggles to maintain any relevance in the polls, another blow has surfaced in the sexting scandal- Anthony Weiner is less like Ron Jeremy and more like a chilly Ron White. That’s right stunned readers, TNRNB has once again gotten the inside scoop, this time on Weiner’s deceitful weinershopping™. The need for such elongation may come from the mounting pressure of massive scrutinizing from, not only New York City, but from the entire country as voters watch to see how political candidates bounce back from sex scandals. While it appears not everyone has the rebound ability of Bill Clinton, even with spousal backing. Weiner warned the nation that more pictures of his namesake would become public as the race heated up, yet polls seemed to ignore those warning, having him in the lead comfortably. However, once the selfless selfies surfaced those same media outlets who seemed to adore Mr. Weiner, now shunned him. And that selfie powered slide to “county commissioner hopeful at best®” is about to drive him right back into hiding. It seems Mr. Weiner would be more aptly named “Mr. Vienna Sausage.” Yes folks those pictures of Mr. Weiner’s python that are running around the web have been doctored, most likely before ever being sent as this reporter doesn’t see any young interns screaming for more pictures of men twice their age over a mere garter snake.  Continue reading