The flocking dead- Moscow reports “zombie pigeons” invading the city

In a story that couldn’t be more perfect for this author, reports of pigeons with “zombie-like” behavior are flooding out of Moscow. Understandably, all of TNRNB’s covert carrier pigeons are grounded in that country so our access to janitorial moles are severely limited. This is a developing story, at least for those of us who depend on 1912 technology. We really must boost revenues around here. Reports gained by reading what everyone else has already written say Continue reading

Small town festival time has arrived- A TNRNB guide to late summer fun

Well faithful reader(s), summer is winding down and the dog days of August bring us those warm nights that have “let there be festivals” written all over them. Blue festivals, car shows, wine festivals, and, most importantly, the Society for Creative Anachronism festivals are all making their rounds and providing us with an opportunity for being drunk in a multitude of ways. The staff here at The Blog (okay, me) decided we would cover a few dos and don’ts to blend in with such diverse crowds. Continue reading