United States Military spent $34 million on an unused building- investigation underway

It has come to light that the US military spent $34 million on a building in Afghanistan that was never used and was ordered not to be built. The building, which is up for demolition, was “commissioned by the Army in February 2010 to be the Command and Control Facility for Regional Command Southwest during the surge. But, in May 2010, even before construction began, the Marine commander in the area submitted a request to U.S. Forces Afghanistan to cancel the project.” The 64,000 square foot building was obviously built anyway, for some overpriced reason as the Air Force ordered it done and now it will be torn down, as there is doubt the Afghans would have enough money to maintain or the technical capacity to operate the building if it were gifted to them. The investigation is also charged to find out if a “replacement building” was ordered built after the first was originally cancelled.  Continue reading