Report: A-Rod to rejoin Yankees on Monday

Team president Randy Levine has confirmed that Alex Rodriguez will rejoin the team Monday night in Texas. A fitting return for a guy under investigation of performance enhancing drugs to begin his season in a match-up of the two teams he did most of his drug taking with. The Yankees are thrilled to get a right handed bat back into the lineup. Levine told Bob Nightengale of USA Today, “We need Alex Rodriguez. We need a right-handed bat. We need a third baseman. He’s the best third baseman we’ve got. And if he’s hot, he can carry us.” And hot he seems to be, going 6-32, which is a whopping .188 average, in 11 minor league rehab games. When this reporter sees those numbers his mind just screams “IS IT OCTOBER ALREADY?” Clearly A-Rod isn’t ready, as he’s only created controversy once in the last 11 games, he’s not even warm yet folks. For a man who was once a shoo-in to break the all-time homerun record, this has been a tough fall to watch. He went from this generation’s “Sultan of Swat” to the “Keith Richards of PEDs” so fast that Yankee lawyers still don’t know how to get out the next $100 million they owe him.

The Players union may be able to keep him on the diamond for the rest of the year, but it won’t matter to his legacy. The right choice would be to “retire” a la Manny Ramirez (who may also be at that game according some reports although on the Texas roster). It will be interesting to see how the remainder of this year goes, will A-Rod be able to regain his old form? Will he be a distraction in the clubhouse? Do he really have a painting of himself as centaur (I still have nightmares after hearing that one)? Many questions have been asked but Rodriguez is the only one with the answers so lets just hope we don’t see too many more of these looks this year:

(Image via Google search)

Stay strong reader(s) baseball resumes tomorrow.