Women’s health- black market buttocks injections

Thanks to the nefarious rants and ravings of Sir Mix-A-Lot and others who followed in his trend setting wake, women’s black market buttock enlarging injections are on the rise. That’s right folks while so many women are starving themselves, living in gyms, and suing Sketchers® for making them look stupid, in order to slim down and fighting creeping butt size there is a number of women who are pursuing back alley cosmetic work to increase the surface area of the badonkadonk. While this may seem strange to some, after duckface, nothing surprises this reporter anymore. “Injectors” charge less than half of what a trained medical professional would ask for in cash, although the complications- which can include loss of limbs, blood poisoning, death, and an ass made of concrete- drive the final total far higher for black market procedures. Ladies, please use better judgment when falling for crazy cosmetic fads, some of these things are very serious. We here at TNRNB worry about you and so we have compiled the following checklist in order to make choosing your cosmetic enhancement specialist easier, safer, and even faster (since you don’t need a secret password to hire them if you do it right).  Continue reading