TNRNB investigates: How today‚Äôs electronic environment is killing the merry-go-round industry

In a society where XBOX trumps sandbox (which were actually cat litter boxes but we survived) the fallout from kids not playing outside anymore makes waves across lamestream media headlines. There is much to be said about the rising obesity problem in the US population, rising cases of Type II diabetes (especially in childhood- nearly unheard of twenty years ago), a generation of lazy, useless workers who quit their jobs by lunchtime because they can’t use their smartphones and do manufacturing work at the same time, and a failing merry-go-round industry. Merry-go-rounds were once a playground mainstay, designed to foster cooperation among children in recreating circus carousel-like experiences, which actually became a child’s first physics experiment combining conservation of momentum with centrifugal force in order see what child flew the farthest when spun too fast to hold on. While this led to the invention of motion sickness medication, crash helmets, playground supervisors, and playground coverings other than bare concrete or asphalt, the boom couldn’t last and children quickly flocked to less painful- and less active- “activities.” Continue reading