The horror that is Hanford and what it is doing to us- a TNRNB investigative report

During research for yesterday’s groundbreaking piece on the Ignorami, this reporter uncovered a cover up far more horrific than the public may be ready for. However, as a member of the press, it is my duty to make sure the public is informed, whether they want to be or not. It is also my duty, as a card carrying member of the media that I hold so close to my heart, to release this information- no matter how incomplete- in the hopes that I become very famous and get my opportunity to stand before my peers… and plead for my freedom (in a very manly way of course). And so, without further delay, my stunning revelations about the evils of Hanford… (we really need sound effects here).

My research in Hanford Nuclear Reservation (HNR) began with some deep digging into files that no other person would go: Wikipedia. Continue reading